DevOp MVP:Agile

Gamifiable shopping experience with an AI awareness of content sharing as its context as user conditions to connect from the why of what they want by its how. The "WhatsApp of Pinterest:"

Bot Shopping!


With customers first for user benefits that are buyers and sellers too in cloud architecture, can parameterize their self brand overlap algorithms as a cloud implosive architecture for search engine technology by CRM (customer resource management) survey to create product market fits from conditions that form product specific advertising and function with digital transactions that are coming from the why of the what they want that is monetizing from their how. is a CRM technology that will drive growth with as a file share, a social transmedia of PaaS for a convergence of an IaaS of from conditions for connected consumerism, a movement experience of knowledge based marketing and collaboration for a more meaningful, engaging and rewarding consumer journey:

Mission Statement

Providing unique users the resource to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something on to gather ubiquitous information that shows the world how while becoming self aware and while monetizing unique users as a social transmedia from their self brand overlaps that are the why of the what they want.