From Seattle Washington, South Lake Union, I propose founding and forming a start-up VR and Mobile Gaming, App – software company as knowledge based marketing with technology convergence of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, and with execution insight of Social Transmedia.
Launching a cloud based technological convergence Mobile app centric virtual reality start-up gamifiable convenience with knowledge based marketing from qualitative reasoning for an optimized recursive AI that is creating itself from user-behavior analysis of its recursive machine learning innovation as an AI's transportation theory awareness of ubiquity, as a (SaaS) will be for a value proposition purpose as an execution of what is an application that transcends purely self-interest as an AI that stops as its awareness for communities and their relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization: 
Convergence technologies of for its machine learning (PaaS) is a value proposition of truth from user narratives as their stories they are telling themselves and others from parameter files-shared, subclasses of a recursive AI. as the (IaaS) is for a value proposition of actions as a more narrow focus for a divestment of Big Data and while monetizing analytic.